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Brass Lamp Pizza @March 11, 1983





Eventhough the band began in Spring of 1981 - they didn't play thier 1st live show until 2 years later. Not because they didn't want to - but because there was no hardcore/punk scene in Idaho.

Because no flyers were ever made for this show, the exact date is hard to come by. As far as anyone can remember it took place a couple of weeks prior to the Moose Lodge show. The show was arranged by Septic Deaths friend Cathe. Cathe won a contest with a local radio station awarding her a "party" at Boise's Brass Lamp Pizza. At the time Brass Lamp had live cover bands playing every weekend. Cathe, being the singer for a local cover band, arranged to have her friends bands play at her party. And the rest, they say, is history. Hardcore newcomers Dissident Militia (also their 1st show) opened, followed by Septic Death, and then the regularly scheduled cover band. In attendance were a few friends and a lot of annoyed pizza-eaters.

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