Artwork by Cathe

instead of Code of Honor
December 22, 1983

artwork by Cathe
artwork by Sean
artist unknown

artist unknown

The controversial Code Of Honor show that Code Of Honor didn't play. A lot of toes got stepped on, feelings got hurt, and friendships got damaged over the handling (or rather mis-handling) of this show. So, as it turned out, Code Of Honor didn't play and Septic Death was added to the bill. The turn-out wasn't too bad considering by the time of the show no one was really sure if it was going to happen. About 50 people in attendence. The band Skid Marks was created to open the show. It featured Septic Deaths bassist, Mike - on drums, Septic Deaths drummer, Paul - on guitar, plus long-time friends Keri Hines on vocals, and Ted Martinez on bass. A video recording of both Skid Marks and Septic Death exists. No separate audio recording is known to exist.

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