Artwork by Pushead

Mini Tour - March 1984

artwork by Pushead

Septic Death hits the road during Spring Break 1984. The tour flyer was mailed out to everyone on their mailing list. The flyer lists the following shows: March 15 in Portland with GBH, March 23 in Sacramento at Club Minimal, March 24 in San Francisco with the UK Subs, March 25 in San Diego with Youth Brigade, March 29 in LA at the Cathay, March 30 in San Francisco with MDC, March 31 in Los Angeles (tentative), April 1 To Be Announced. From that list the following shows never happened: March 25 in San Diego, March 31 in LA, and April 1. All in all the tour was quite successful. Septic Death picked up the "Need So Much Attention" 12" from the pressing plant in LA and had them available for sale at the March 30 SF show.

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